About us

AYAWANE develops HYALIn® Technology a new hyaluronique acid-based approach to manage hard-to-heal wounds. This concept offers one unique smart solution to manage each type and stage of wound healing and tissue repair process.

The core HYALIn® concept offers the most appropriate form and molecular weight of Hyaloronic acid to obtain the best wound healing process at each stage of healing.

Technology HYALIn® : Specialized in biopolymers, biomaterials and wound healing, AYAWANE develops a unique concept to manage wound difficult to heal and tissue repair fields.
HYALIn ® concept results from many years of research on Hyaluronic Acids leading to:

  • Understanding molecular weight and biological activities relationship
  • Chemical functionalization of natural or synthetic polymers
  • Elaboration of bioactive matrices

The HYALIn® technology is based on new patented Hyaluronic Acids (HA) utilization and combination of molecular weight, formulations, functionalization and cross-linking creating bioactive matrices.

AYAWANE has been given two seals of approval so far, Entreprise-innovante-des-poles and Novacite

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